Why Choose Import Tractor Parts?

10 reasons why, in no particular order except #1:

1: We are honor-bound by conscience to serve you fairly and honestly. See why HERE. This is PARAMOUNT and IN-ESCAPABLE in our code of personal and business conduct.

2: I know tractors--I'm not somebody who just happened to get a job reading parts books because I couldn't find employment elsewhere. Tractors have always been my life. Hopefully they always will be!

3: I know Fiat and UTB (Long) tractors; they are my specialty, and that's why I handle parts for them (see above). Other tractors on this site I may be able to supply parts for, but not be experienced in.

4: You will be talking to a real, knowledgable, courteous person in the matter of tractors (see above).

5: Being a real, knowledgable, courteous person in the matter of tractors, I am less likely to make a parts order mistake, but, if I do, I will make a powerful effort to correct the mistake, quickly and systematically, with your complete satisfaction as my immediate goal, as my reputation is at stake, and nothing means more to me than that.

6: You will always be talking to the same person. (Or my secretary, who answers the phone when my hands are full.)

7: You will be a somebody (sorry, Speedy) to me, and we will build a repetoir in the matter of your tractor and your individual needs and concerns.

8: Other places may handle some of the parts ITP does, but none handle all the parts ITP does, as we STOCK the largest and widest range of Fiat and UTB parts in North America. Nobody has a greater range of retail parts for your Fiat or UTB tractor-period. We're proud of that.

9: I'll never sell you something I don't think you need; if I don't think you need it, I'll tell you so. When you do need something, you'll come back.

10: My personal goal is your personal satisfaction, so you'll come back if the need arises.



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